Wa Mashat

This art work tells the story of the resilience of the Gazan woman.

Today, Gaza is mountains of rubble from the continuous bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli military forces.

However, Gaza in reality is a beautiful city with the sea and its famous wheat fields of gold.

The image in the art work is that of a Gazan woman, on an imaginary journey, walking from Gaza to meet with the artists in Jordan. A walk that would take a couple of hours if it weren’t for the boarders of today.

On this imaginary journey, the only thing slowing down her travels is the thickness of the wheats clinging to the travelers’ thobe.

A day will come when Gazan women can take this journey again, with the only thing getting in her way being the richness of Gaza’s wheat fields.

Material: Industrial marble with brass
Dimensions: W:370cm X L:200cm
Year: 2020