The Shawl

The Shawl wall art made of solid walnut wood and brass.

That Shawl….which was once swaying on her shoulder

Brought warmth to her child

The same Shawl she used to collect the olives of her trees from her land

That Shawl….here are the remains of it….a Shawl.

In times where the adage “survival of the fittest” rules, we design and emphasize that survival is for the most beautiful… the sincerest…. and the purist.

This piece is inspired by the shawl of a Palestinian lady showcasing some of the different patterns and motifs in the Palestinian heritage of embroidery, reflecting the effect of the various eras the region went through shown towards the worn outside of the patterns in the artworks, our brass lines came to emphasize on the patterns as the artistic DNA of our heritage.

Material: Solid walnut wood, and brass.
Dimensions: W:225cm, X L:375cm
Year: 2015