75*75 Wihdeh collection:
Wihdeh Collection Concept
Year 2019

This artwork has introduced the language of embroidery, where every group of stitches is referred to as a ‹unit›. From there comes our inspiration, stemming from our strong belief in the spirit of unity we created this line ‹wihdeh› not only to shed light on the beauty of unification but also to bring together the delights of our culture.

Two prominent elements are present in this line; embroidery (tatreez) to give the cultural feel, and our personal naqsh stroke to add an extra designer-personalized dimension. Those two elements are presented through engraved stone surfaces enhanced with brass fillings, to create minimal structures with a sculptural feel. The use of those two materials allows the presence of cultural elements in non-traditional patterns and presentations.

Material: Stone with brass
Dimensions: W:75cm X L:75cm
Year: 2019