Meena Yaffa

meena yaffa
Year 2023

Material: Italian Verde stone with brass
Dimensions: W:231cm X L:120cm X D:5cm
Year: 2023



Inspired by an old photo of Jaffa’s port with its boats

Material: Natural stone with brass
Dimensions: W:230cm X L:110 cm X D:5cm
Year: 2022

Wa Mashat

Wa Mashat

This art work tells the story of the resilience of the Gazan woman.

Today, Gaza is mountains of rubble from the continuous bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli military forces.

However, Gaza in reality is a beautiful city with the sea and its famous wheat fields of gold.

The image in the art work is that of a Gazan woman, on an imaginary journey, walking from Gaza to meet with the artists in Jordan. A walk that would take a couple of hours if it weren’t for the boarders of today.

On this imaginary journey, the only thing slowing down her travels is the thickness of the wheats clinging to the travelers’ thobe.

A day will come when Gazan women can take this journey again, with the only thing getting in her way being the richness of Gaza’s wheat fields.

Material: Industrial marble with brass
Dimensions: W:370cm X L:200cm
Year: 2020

Old port

Old Port

This piece is inspired by the photo of the old port of Akka in Palestine, reflecting traditional patterns of embroidery from “Wihdeh” collection.

Material: White industrial Marble and brass
Dimensions: W:90cm,X: 160cm
Year: 2017

Akka Stone


The Akka artwork, a marble and brass piece, captures a moment in a time.

An unlived moment we would have liked to experience as Palestinians who cannot travel to Palestine.

This particular moment, an everyday occurrence in the port city of Akka, captures Palestinian youth standing at the edge of Akka’s famous wall in the old harbor before leaping into the Mediterranean waters below. That leap seen by young boys of Akka as a rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.

For the young Palestinian boys living in the diaspora, this is a moment they only get to live through the stories that get to hear from their grandfathers. A lost moment in time.

Material: Natural Marble stone, and brass.
Dimensions: W:250cm, X L:250cm
Year: 2019